Interview with Memma on Channel 9, Today Extra

One-third of Australian marriages end in divorce, after 20 years of marriage Melbourne mother of four Memma Chierici is using her experience to help others. Watch her interview on Today Extra online.


Feature Article, Sydney Morning Herald

The fallout from my marriage breakup was something I had not anticipated. I understood that family and friends would be upset, but I didn’t expect such backlash. After all, a marriage is between the two people in question. Or so I thought.


Book Launch by Dymocks Camberwell

Thank you to all who attended my book launch. It was a memorable evening. I particularly enjoyed the conversations exchanged with my guests. Having so many powerful women to share insights and experiences reminded me how we can all support one another. We are all a great source of strength for each other which makes it easier to be strong alone.

I look forward to more conversations.