“I risked it all to free myself from myself.”

An inspiring tell all narrative of a woman’s journey of self discovery leading to personal freedom through the courage to follow her heart.

Walk with Memma as she reveals the truth about the growing dissatisfaction in her marriage and transitions to her new assertive self who took control of her life. Through tough and honest soul searching she uncovers the lies and beliefs she once lived by that suppressed her voice and true potential.
Read the revelations and insights of her life’s exquisite transformation.

Her moment of truth.

A powerful message of love, hope and a new vision…

Her time to shine.

Like so many women, Memma Chierici, 47, had devoted her life to family: being a supportive wife and mother, raising four children and helping her husband with a start-up business.

But towards the end of her 20-year marriage, Memma was unhappy amid the growing realisation that she was with a man who did not respect her or treat her as an equal. With family members urging her to ‘stand by her man’ no matter what, Memma dug deep, tuning in to her heart and soul to discover what she truly needed to do to be happy.

Memma’s powerful memoir, Out Loud, is the result of that emotional journey: a story that shares her transformation from misunderstood wife to empowered independent woman, author and single working mother.

Out Loud is a must-read for women of all ages, especially those navigating a painful divorce or separation. For Memma, writing her deeply personal memoir was part of the healing process – a way of truthfully searching her feelings and letting go years of pain.